IT Request from Law Enforcement

The University will comply with all lawful orders for access to information when required under the terms of a valid subpoena, warrant, other legal order, or an applicable law, regulation or University policy.  All legal requests or demands for access to information technology resources or electronic information should be handled according to the procedure outlined in the “Information Technology Requests from Law Enforcement” flowchart.

In accordance with this procedure, all such warrants or other orders should be reviewed by University Counsel prior to releasing any information to law enforcement.  In the event that a law enforcement agency seeks to execute a search warrant or other order immediately and will not wait for review by University Counsel, individual system technicians or other persons receiving such orders should not obstruct the execution of the warrant or order, but should document the actions by law enforcement, notify the Chief Information Officer as soon as possible, and take reasonable steps whenever possible to preserve a copy of any data being removed, for appropriate University use.