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The APPQMR Workshop for facultyOne of the most important and largest goals of the TLC is to develop a community where faculty and staff can collaborate, learn from each other, and participate in collegial experiences associated with online learning and technology. We have already heard that faculty have enjoyed the opportunity to complete workshops and training with faculty in other programs and schools, as they often don’t get the chance to work together.

Check out a few of our current initiatives to build our TLC community:

Project Profiles:

We’ve been busy working on exciting projects to build and improve online learning at Clarkson! Read about some projects that we’re proud to have collaborated on:

Preparing OM680 for a Quality Matters Review with Mike Bissonette and Erin Blauvelt

Converting MK610 from the classroom to an online course with Marc Compeau and Loretta Driskel

Developing a new online STEM course while it is running with Seema Rivera and Loretta Driskel

Converting COMM310 from Large Enrollment Face-to-Face to Large Enrollment Online with Stephen Farina and Erin Blauvelt

Creating OM686 with Bret Kauffman and Loretta Driskel


Badges – Coming Soon!

We have a number of faculty and staff that are online education rock stars and earning badges like crazy!

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