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Great learning starts with great design!

In 2017, we adopted the Quality Matters (QM) Program to ensure consistent quality and continuous improvement in our online and hybrid courses. Quality Matters started in 2004 as a grant funded project at the University of Maryland, and is now its own non-profit organization. See Why QM? for more information.

The Quality Matters Program is made of up three key pieces:

Quality Matters at Clarkson

As we’re implementing Quality Matters, we’ve set goals and completed a number of initiatives in just a short period of time. The TLC has offered the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) Workshop to a number of faculty and staff who are interested in increasing the quality of their courses and serving as leaders of online learning. A few faculty members have participated in informal reviews and edits with an instructional designer, in order to prepare for official reviews and course certifications. We have three courses that have completed an official review and now have the Quality Matters Certification.

Courses with Quality Matters Certifications at Clarkson


  • Assist faculty in applying and integrating the QM rubric in online and hybrid courses at Clarkson University
  • Increase the quality of all courses at Clarkson University by using Quality Matters design principles

Current Initiatives:

  • Applying Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) Workshops: Regularly offering in house training for faculty on how to use the Quality Matters Rubric to review ones own course and potentially others.  Learn about what is measured and how to implement.  Check schedule for upcoming sessions.
  • Informal Course Reviews:  We invite faculty members to work with us to complete an informal course review.  This initial step helps identify areas in need of improvement.   As a result, an edits list is compiled and instructional designer and faculty member work together to edit the course. Courses are then ready to be put up for official review for certification.
  • Official Course Reviews and QM Certifications:  Once faculty member and instructional designer feel a course is prepared to meet QM standards, we initiate a formal course review which is required in order to receive the QM certification.  We are encouraging faculty to reach this goal for recognition of offering a quality online course.
  • Integration of Quality Matters Standards: We are building a syllabus template and Moodle course template that integrate many standards from the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric to make it easier for faculty to include high quality elements in their online courses.

Recorded Workshops on Quality Matters from Clarkson University’s Faculty Summer Camp 2017:

The TLC staff holds the following Quality Matters certifications:

Erin Blauvelt: Peer Reviewer, Master Peer Reviewer, Independent Online APPQMR Faciltator, Independent Face-to-Face APPQMR Facilitator, Quality Matters Online APPQMR Facilitator, QM Coordinator

Loretta Driskel: Peer Reviewer, Master Peer Reviewer, QM Coordinator

Laura Perry: QM Coordinator, Course Review Manager

Watch Us Grow:

     2017 2018 Total
 Faculty/staff completed Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Workshop    34    22    56
 Certifications for Quality Matters Roles held by faculty and staff      11     N/A    11
 Informal reviews completed for courses      2     2    4
 Official reviews completed for courses     2     1    2


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