Completing a Quality Assurance Check

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checklist on clipboardEven the most carefully developed course can have a link break.  Even the most established writing experts misspell a word from time to time.  It is important to check your course before it opens to students to make sure that everything is functioning technically, there are no errors, and that you haven’t left anything out that was meant to be there.

Quality Assurance Checklists

Consider using one of the following checklists when you’ve finished building your course and/or getting it ready to run another term.

eLearning Checklist: 8 Questions to Ask Before Your Courses Go Live to Learners – Sh!ft Disruptive ELearning

The Ultimate eLearning Design and Development Checklist – Flirting with ELearning

Quality Matters

Even toddlers know that Quality Matters is a good idea!

toddler reading the Quality Matters Rubric toddler reading the Quality Matters rubric

Clarkson University has adopted the Quality Matters Program to ensure quality in our online and distance courses. Quality Matters began as a grant-funded initiative through the MarylandOnline, Inc. consortium in 2003 and has since grown to become its own organization and a state, national, and international standard. The Quality Matters Program includes professional development, a Higher Education Rubric, and Peer Review process. The Higher Education Rubric serves as our standard for developing and reviewing courses. We use the rubric to influence design, development, and navigation decisions within the online courses, and to evaluate and certify a course once it has run at least once.

Read about Quality Matters @ Clarkson!

Clarkson University holds an institutional membership to Quality Matters. If you are interested in professional development, access to resources, a myQM account, etc., please contact

Recorded Workshops on Quality Matters from Clarkson University’s Faculty Summer Camp 2017:

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