Creating Activities & Assessments

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hand writing the word createCreating engaging, practical, and authentic activities and assessments for your online course can make a big difference in the quality of the skills that students acquire. There are endless possibilities of types of activities and assessments as well as tools to create them with. Use the links below to discover some new activity types and tools to create.

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Tools to Create Activities, Assessments, and Interactions

Besides the standard activity and assessment types available in Moodle like discussion forums and assignments, there are a number of other great tools for creating activities, assessments, and interactions for your online course.

H5P – Free

H5P is a plug-in for Moodle that allows you to create presentations and interactions quickly and simply. Take a look at examples of the types of activities you can create. To create an activity using H5P, click add an activity or resourceand select H5P Interactive Content. Next, choose the type of activity you would like to create and have fun!

Introducing H5P – Clarkson University webinar
H5P tutorials

Adobe Captivate – Not Free

Adobe Captivate is a multi-use program that allows you to create interactive presentations, assessments, or simulations. If you would like to add a Captivate project to your Moodle course as a gradeable activity, you can export it as SCORM and import it in. View more about the product by visiting Adobe Captivate’s website or take a look at some examples created by the program.

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