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“A Clarkson student’s education is greatly enhanced by a personal and friendly learning environment, within a small, residential, nationally recognized University, which: …draws undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff together into a cohesive and stimulating learning community wherein an atmosphere of scholarship and spirit of research is cultivated;…” -A Vision of Clarkson Education, Clarkson 2015-2016 Fact Book

We want faculty and staff to have stimulating educational experiences just like the ones that we create for our students, and be part of a community of continuous innovation and learning.  Below is a list of a variety of professional development experiences that you may want to take part in.

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Externally Hosted Professional Development Offerings

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Clarkson Dedicated Professional Development

Faculty Training

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CRC Faculty attend APPQMR workshop in May 2017.

Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) Workshop:

The APPQMR is THE foundational step on your way to creating a quality online course for your students.  APPQMR attendees learn about QM’s 8 essential areas and their 43 specific review standard competencies that make for a quality course.  Once the workshop is complete, you have what you need to complete a self review of your course.  The self review uncovers areas for improvement and provides a set of action items putting your course on the path to QM certification.

Register Here

Hurry!  Attendees must pre-register.

F2F CRC:  Tues., 11/28/2017
F2F Potsdam: Tues., 12/19/2017
Online: 12/28/17 – 1/10/18

F2F is one-day, 8 hours in person (refreshments and lunch provided)
Online is over the course of 2 weeks, 7-8 each week

If these dates don’t work for you AND you want to take the APPQMR training, please register your interest here.  We will be scheduling upcoming sessions.

More about QM at Clarkson

Who should attend APPQMR:

  • Clarkson faculty currently OR ‘soon to be’ teaching Graduate Online Courses
  • Clarkson faculty interested in continuous improvement, quality course design

Upcoming Webinars

Tour new TLC Website Webinar
Just recently launched, the TLC website offers a starting place for faculty seeking information and support for their work in the classroom (virtual and traditional).  The site brings together technical and pedagogical resources faculty will find useful when endeavoring to create high quality learning experiences for their students.  Clarkson already offers many great tools and resources that support the learning experience.  There are many more tools available through the Internet at no cost to users.  We aim to gather those resources under one location so faculty know where to go.  Follow along as webpage creator Erin Blauvelt and the rest of the TLC team talk about the genesis of its creation and goals for the future.

Recorded Webinars

Arts & Crafts: Creating Instructional Materials and Assessments for Varied Learners
Link to recorded session. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017 @ 10AM EST
Presented by: Erin Blauvelt & Loretta Driskel, Graduate Instructional Designer Specialists
Just as people have different appreciations for art and talents for crafting, learners have different preferences in the way that they learn and show that they can meet an objective. Come learn how to craft instructional materials that will be effective and beneficial for a wide set of learner preferences. Discover new types of assessments to offer learners to prove that they have mastered the course and module objectives.

Getting the Most out of the Library

Presented by: Amber Amidon, Public Services Librarian for Graduate Enrollment

Links to Recorded Webinar – look for index to access desired parts:

Librarian Amber walks through the library’s services that you can utilize while you are developing and teaching your online course. Topics include assistance in locating articles or journals, creation of guide material for students to get the most out of the library, collaboration on research assignments research, and best practices for using copyright effectively.

Echo360 in the Cloud Webinar
Link to recorded session
The lecture capture technology Clarkson has relied on for years has moved to a new cloud-based version.  This means Echo will still deliver scheduled lecture capture service in more than two dozen classrooms across the Potsdam campus.  Special guest and presenter Chelsea Jenkins from Echo360 will lead an informative tour of the many new features designed to improve management of your Echo video library and engagement with students using Echo360 technology.  For faculty currently using Echo360, you’ll be interested to learn what more you now can do with Echo.  For others, you will gain a first-hand look at this already popular campus wide tool.

Introducing H5P Webinar
Link to recorded session

H5P is THE new tool in Moodle used to create engaging lessons such as Interactive Videos, Question Sets, Drag and Drop Questions, and more.  If you are interested in learning how to put a new edge on lessons that traditionally challenge students – come spend an hour with us.  Webinar presenters are Clarkson’s own Graduate Instructional Designers Erin Blauvelt and Loretta Driskel.  They will offer first hand examples of where and how to use H5P.  Be sure to join us.

OERs in MERLOT Webinar
Link to recorded session
Resources available without limit.  Yours for the using.  Learn about what is there and how to access it.  Webinar attendees will walk through this on-screen demo with webinar presenter Loretta Driskel to learn more about navigating the MERLOT web interface for locating Open Educational Resources (OERs) for your course.  To improve your OER prowess even more, attendees will learn about a self paced workshop available following the webinar.

Summer Camp Workshop Recordings

Thinking of Going Online? Dive In!
Link to recorded session
Presented by: Erin Blauvelt & Loretta Driskel, Graduate Instructional Designer Specialists
Developing and teaching an online class for the first time can seem daunting. Many questions arise such as: What is the time commitment when developing the course and facilitating it? What kind of support can I get to help with development? How do I convert a course I’ve been teaching in the classroom for several years online? Can my course be as effective and interesting to students online? Would this be suitable for my lifestyle in retirement? We will address these questions and more to give you a good idea of what developing and running an online course is like.

A Hole-in-One with Online Discussion
Link to recorded session
Presented by: Loretta Driskel, Graduate Instructional Designer Specialist
Brainstorm ideas for discussion types and craft critical thinking questions and provide students with clear expectations about online discussion forum requirements, deadlines, and grading procedures.

Woodworking: Build your Classroom Toolbox with Microsoft OneNote
Link to recorded session
Presented by: Laura Perry, Manager of Academic Technology
Class time runs out before you end the lesson?  Want to pick up where you left off?  Wish you could share what you wrote in class with students at home?  Use MS OneNote to digitize drawings, equations, handwritten notes, and so much more.  Export PDFs or give students direct access (view only or edit rights) to your notebook.  Learn how here.

Hit the Mark with Turnitin: More Than Just an Assignment Dropbox
Link to recorded session
Presented by: Loretta Driskel, Graduate Instructional Designer Specialist
Use Turnitin right in Moodle for: plagiarism checking, grading, and peer review! You as faculty and your students have the opportunity to check papers for originality. Instructors will manage assignments more efficiently Add a Turnitin assignment to your course in Moodle Easily check student papers for originality. Plan for using Grademark. Consider implementing PeerMark.

Singing Lessons: Using VoiceThread
Live Webinar presented by VoiceThread Specialist George Haines
Link to recorded session
Creating engaging online courses is not easy. In many discussion-board based courses, students feel isolated and disconnected from their instructors and classmates. VoiceThread bridges the gaps in social presence typically found in online courses. In this workshop, educators will learn how to establish a social presence and connect with their students using VoiceThread to improve course satisfaction and student learning. We will cover the basic VoiceThread features, demonstrate how VoiceThread works in Moodle and show a variety of examples from actual courses.

Cave Exploring: Classroom Captures with Echo360
Link to recorded session
Presented by: Laura Perry, Manager of Academic Technology
Recording classroom lectures and posting them in Moodle has never been easier at CRC.  Meet up with Laura Perry and friends to discover the world of lecture capture coming to CRC this Fall 2017.  Record desktop, slides, audio and video into one interactive stream that is linked once for students to access in Moodle.  Instructors love the viewer and engagement analytics.  Come see how.

Nature 101: An Introduction to the Quality Matters Environment
Link to recorded session at CRC
Link to recorded session at Potsdam
Presented by: Erin Blauvelt, Graduate Instructional Designer Specialist
Discover the world of Quality Matters, an organization which focuses on increasing the quality of online education! Learn about the history, makeup, and resources of the Quality Matters organization as well as Clarkson’s recent adoption and implementation of the program. Stay for the next session to find out how you can use some tools to quickly and easily begin applying Quality Matters to your course!

Take a Nature Walk: Create a Friendly Environment with Quality Matters
Link to recorded session
Presented by: Erin Blauvelt, Graduate Instructional Designer Specialist
Apply Quality Matters Standards to create a friendly, cohesive, and effective course environment. Implement Quality Matters Standards directly into your course by using a syllabus template and Moodle course template developed by Clarkson’s Graduate Instructional Designers. By using these templates and some other tips, you can easily implement at least 20 out of the 42 Specific Review Standards with minimal work!

Smooth Sailing: Learn the Ropes of Using a Blueprint for Course Design
Link to recorded session at CRC
Link to recorded session at Potsdam
Presented by: Erin Blauvelt & Loretta Driskel, Graduate Instructional Designer Specialists
Whisk away the intimidating feeling of developing a new online course or restructuring an existing one with our blueprint for course design. This blueprint concept, developed by Clarkson’s Graduate Instructional Designers, consists of a package of tools and resources to help outline your course content, write and align objectives, and plan activities. These materials will help you to save time and stay organized while developing. As we appreciate that everyone may have a different course development style, we have varied tools to choose from.

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