Copyright Infringement Education and Deterrence

1.0 Overview

This policy is designed to outline the steps that the University takes to deter copyright infringement.  The programs outlined in this policy are intended to ensure that the University is compliant with the requirements set forth in the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act.

2.0 Purpose

Provide specific programs that the University uses to deter individuals from committing acts of copyright infringement.

3.0 Scope

This policy impacts any individual who is affiliated with the University.

4.0 Policy

The 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act requires the University to perform the following actions:

  1. Inform students of civil and criminal liabilities of copyright infringement
  2. Provide a summary of penalties for violation of laws
  3. Describe to students the college’s policies and disciplinary actions
  4. Offer alternatives to illegal downloading
  5. Develop plans to combat the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials to include “use of a variety of technology-based deterrents.”

These specific actions are addressed through the following programs:

  1. First Year Seminar:  Each year a representative from OIT leads a session on Cyber-Ethics as part of the First Year Seminar program.  This session is intended to provide an open forum for discussion of the legal requirements surrounding copyright law.  Included in this discussion are components that address items one through four, listed above.
  2. Annual Copyright Letter:  At the beginning of each academic year, a communication is sent to the entire student body outlining the University’s stance on copyright infringement.  This communication address items one through four, listed above.
  3. PacketShaper:  The University utilizes a BlueCoat PacketShaper as a technical means to prevent the use of Peer-to-Peer software, which is typically used in the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials.

6.0 Revision History

Draft Policy – v0.1 – 11 February 2009 – jfiske

Approved Policy v1.0 – 4 November 2013 – jfiske