ORION Compute Cluster

Orion is a new compute constellation which will support research at the graduate and undergraduate levels. It has 132 64-bit CPU’s and 2.1TB of memory.


  • Faculty
  • Staff

There is no cost associated with this service.

Active – A fully-supported, production service.

Service Desk – To open an IT support request, please contact the Facilities and Services ServiceDesk at 315-268-6700 or servicecenter@clarkson.edu. Or, enter a ticket online at rt.clarkson.edu.

Availability Target:
24×7, 99.99% uptime

System Hardware:
Orion is built on a supply of Intel-based hardware made available to Clarkson by IBM as a part of a Shared University Research grant program.

The specs:
Head Node (1)
IBM 3250 M3 with 8 Intel cores @ 2.8GHz, 16 GB of 1033MHz RAM,a pair of mirrored 300GB 15K RPM SAS drives and two 1Gbps ethernet interfaces

Compute Blades (11 blades, 132 cores total)
Theoretical TFLOPS: 19.008
IBM HS23 AC1 with 12 Intel E5-2640 cores @ 2.5HGz, 96GB of 1033MHz RAM, a pair of mirrored 146GB 15K RPM SAS system drives, four 10Gbps ethernet and 40Gbps Infiniband connectivity

40Gbps Voltaire Infiniband switch
IBM RackSwitch G8052R ethernet switch

5TB of iSCSI connected storage shared for users and software applications