Student Printing

OIT has installed 5 printers available in the following areas:

• CAMP 171 (Black and white only)
• CAMP 163 (Large scale plotter)
• TAC second floor computer lab (Black and white only)
• New Snell outside of 239 (Black and white)
• New Snell outside of 239 (Color)

• When your account is created, you are given a $24 credit towards printing per semester.
• When that initial $24 credit is extinguished, you will need to add funds to your Pcounter account at the Service Center
• For print jobs sent to the CADPLOTTER (large scale printing), you will need to call the Service Center to release your print job.

  • Student

Standard B/W 8.5X11 — 8 cents per page (16 cents for double sided)
Color 8.5X11 — 75 cents per page
Color large scale plotter — 75 cents per square foot

Active – A fully-supported, production service.
Service Desk – To open an IT support request, please contact the Facilities and Services ServiceDesk at 315-268-6700 or Or, enter a ticket online at
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